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Why? Why not!

Simon Sinek and his idea about 'First the Why' is very popular amongst people around the globe. I once saw him life in a Microsoft Global Meeting and the room was mesmerised and humming in agreement ... back at the office, probably 99,9% of all attendees got back into what they always did. I will confess, me included.

The Corona pandemic was for us an interesting eye-opener. Being confined to our balcony and garden in the Netherlands, we realised we were as happy, if not happier, than flying to Ibiza for the 20th time.

So for us, the realisation grew that a simpler life was equally if not more rewarding and we turned 'First Why?' into 'Why Not?. Why not leave all troubles from corporate life behind us and get back in touch with nature and start a simpler life? Why not? Nothing to loose, so much to gain....

This docu is from before the Corona-pandemic of 2020-2021 but the title could very well be written after these dates: A simpler Way - Crisis as Opportunity ... Hope you enjoy it!

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