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Who & Why

Domaine La Vallée Verte is the brainchild of Paul & Yvonne, a Dutch couple (in our early 60’s) who emigrated to the South of France late 2022, to get out of the corporate rat-race and become 100% self-sufficient in food, water and energy.

Surrounded by forests, in the South-West of France, close to Montauban (50 km north of Toulouse). All based on 100% renewable (solar) energy and close-to-zero-waste!


Based on the concepts of Stefan Sobkowiak we are building a permaculture orchard with a large variety of nut- and fruit-trees and various species of berries and herbs. All our 1-year edible foods (salads/tomatoes etc.) are available from our ‘no-dig’ vegetable garden.


A part of the valley is for an animal-friendly farm with a rare breed of pigs (Old Spot), some cows (Dexter), chickens, ducks, donkeys, wild bees and our 2 dogs. 


For the last 30 years we worked as expats in many countries across Europe; Paul as a commercial director in large global IT-companies and Yvonne as a teacher in primary school and as a yoga teacher.


We have lived in Germany, England, the Netherlands and now France; we are fluent in all these languages and can help anybody getting better in any of these languages.

After 30 years of contributing to CO2 emissions and pollution, we want to spend the next 30 years reversing that damage and become CO2 negative and waste-less. With our own solar farm, we generate all energy for the house and the farm and by storing energy during sunny days, we will have enough for the nights.

Hope you will join us on this mission and check us out on (the site for worldwide forest-/nature-restoration projects):

Paul & Yvonne 

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