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The ship is not sunk until it is at the bottom.

This is what climate scientists have been warning about for years (and why we should stay below 1.5 degrees of warming): once we get past a tipping point, global warming is no longer in our control, but nature itself emits so many greenhouse gases that we cannot stop it and it accelerates warming even more. One such tipping point is methane emissions, and according to this article, there are indications that this tipping point has begun.

This would be the beginning of a whole new geological period on Earth, one whose viability for humans is very questionable. This is what I am waking up from, this is why I no longer fly and hope someone has the balls to stop nonsensical flying (eg. sun holidays!), this is why I applaud people sitting on the A12 and am happy to call for this kind of action (even if the OM prosecutes me for sedition).

Read, shudder AND COME IN ACTION!

The ship is not sunk until it is at the bottom. We must try with everything we have to adjust our course - before it really is too late.


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