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First WorkAway experience!

A few weeks ago we picked up Loulou & Bastien at Toulouse airport for our 1st WorkAway experience. A few weeks later, we can only say ... more, more ! What a joy it was to work together with them in rain, snow and sunshine and get the 1st steps for our foodforest going; together we built a fence to protect it from deer. In the evenings they taught us to bake bread and we learned new French words and 'local' dishes for dinner. We hope that what they learned from us on permaculture and foodforests will kickstart their own project in the near future.

This is what they wrote as 5-star feedback:

We had an amazing two weeks at Paul and Yvonne's. By far the warmest experience we have had with WorkAway. We felt like we had known each other forever. They know how to entertain and are beautiful people. Their projects are really great and there is a lot to do. While we were there we put up posts for a 250m2 fence to protect their future foodforest and market garden from deer. They love to share their knowledge of permaculture, and it is very easy to talk to them. Thank you so much for being you, all the best to you. We'll see you in a while to see how the farm is doing.

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