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EcoFarm & Permaculture Orchard
We grow our own food

Welcome to Domaine La Vallée Verte, ‘The Green Valley’, an eco-friendly 5ha domaine with a Smallholding and Permaculture Orchard, situated in a lovely lush green valley in the South-West of France ...

We do things differently!

Domaine La Vallée Verte is a beautiful 'domaine' near Montauban in the South-West of France.


The five hectare estate is an oasis of tranquility with a beautifully designed (farm-)house, terraces, swimmingpool, permaculture orchard, eco-farm (with pigs/cows/chickens/ducks and donkeys) and a large vegetable garden. All laid out in a meandering valley, surrounded by lush green forests.


La Vallée Verte, our green escape!


Get Inspired at La Vallée Verte

“The best time to plant a food forest

was 20 years ago.
The second best time is now.”

Chinese Proverb

Read more about our journey (in Dutch)...

The Dutch magazine 'Maison en France' dedicated an article on our adventure:

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